Monthly Archives: September 2016

Capstone Projects are out and Teams are Organized

I am proud to say that the lab is hosting two capstone projects this year. First, a Computer Science team (Kine Jax) has picked up the KineTrax project. Second, a Mechanical Engineering team has picked up the DIY Gravity Harness project. I have a good feeling about these teams, as they both seem very involved already.



How good is that Fitbit? Oh, good question…

In a recent paper by Drs. Dominick, Winfree, Pohlig, and Papas, we asked the question of “What is the accuracy of that Fitbit in an ecologically valid setting?”

Wearable activity monitors such as Fitbit enable users to track various attributes of their physical activity (PA) over time and have the potential to be used in research to promote and measure PA behavior. However, the measurement accuracy of Fitbit in absolute free-living conditions is largely unknown.