Monthly Archives: January 2017

Congrats to Chris Whitney and Felicity Escarzaga on the ASU Rehabilitation Robotics Workshop Abstracts

Congratulations to both Chris Whitney and Felicity Escarzaga for the acceptance of their abstracts titled “KineTrax, a wearable device for recording kinematics in a community setting
” and “Design and Fabrication of a Physical Model for the Winding Filament Hypothesis” (respectively) for presentation at the 5th Annual ASU Rehabilitation Robotics Workshop (



Congratulations to Caitlin Barrett for her accepted paper to BHI2017

Congratulations to Caitlin Barrett on the acceptance of her paper titled “Assessing Bouts of Activity Using Modeled Clinically Validated Physical Activity on Commodity Hardware” to the 2017 International Conference on Biomedical and Health Informatics (IEEE). More can be found on BHI2017 at the EMBS website

Also accepted for this conference was Dr. Winfree’s paper titled “Modeling Clinically Validated Physical Activity Using Commodity Hardware.” This paper is the precursor to Caitlin’s.