Monthly Archives: April 2017

And we’re off!

Today marks the start of an 18 month long study on the “Impact of an Independent Mobility Device on Mobility and Development in Special Needs Children.”  This study will track 15 children for the next 1.5 years, where we will collect measures of development and use of a Go Baby Go car.  Our hypothesis?  That use of a Go Baby Go car will accelerate development of children with mobility related special needs.  How?  By gaining the ability to interact with their world, these children will be able to seek out stimulation, social interaction, and other experiences they would not be able to without such an aide.

ICAMPAM – Special Congratulations to Caitlin Barrett for award of Graduate Student Support

Special congratulations are in order for Caitlin Barrett (CS MS Student) on award for travel support to ICAMPAM 2017!  ICAMPAM, is the ISMPM (International Society for the Measurement of Physical Behavior) International Conference on Ambulatory Monitoring of Physical Activity and Movement.  This premier conference will be held on the National Institutes of Health campus this year.  What an exciting opportunity!