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The Wearable Informatics Lab is 3D printing face shields for health care providers

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and in conjunction with Dr. Tester’s FAB lab, Drs. Oman, Afghah, and Razi, the Wearable Informatics Lab is hosting 3D printing of face shields for local health care workers.  Shown here, a prototype, is the printed head strap and a clear lamination sheet shield.  The College of Engineering, Informatics, and Applied Sciences has generously donated to this cause, providing sufficient funds to kick start such efforts.  If you too would like to donate to help support these face shields, please use our Disability and Rehab Engineering NAU Foundation link here:  All funds donated between April 1 and July 30 will be used to support printing more shields.

Progress on the ABRC Stroke Survivor Rehab Project

It took the entire lab to “raise the barn” in our 600 sq ft lab.  As you see here, this steel structure is just the start of the support system for the ABRC Harness project.  Thanks to the team effort and solid design (care of Felicity and Dustin), the frame went together in about 3 hours and was easier than prefab furniture!

From let to right: Dustin Branges, Noah Oliver, Felicity Escarzaga, Kristen Shryack, Dr. Kyle Winfree, and Caitlin Barrett.

Electrical Engineering Capstone Sequence

This year, Drs. Scott and Winfree will be co-teaching the Electrical Engineering Design sequence.  Dr. Scott is looking forward to his retirement in May 2018.  Thanks for the 27 years of commitment to NAU Dr. Scott!

Update: On September 27, 2017, Dr. Dave Scott passed away at the Flagstaff Medical Center.  This was following his attendance on Friday in EE Capstone Lecture, his last lecture.  We will miss you greatly Dr. Scott.

Annual Lab Hike

Today we did our annual lab hike. The adventure is always chooses by the lab. So where was it this year? The Flagstaff Lava River Caves!

From left to right, Noah Oliver, Felicity Escarzaga, Dr. Winfree, Dustin Branges.  Caitlin Barrett was unable to attend this trip; next time.


WIL seeks exemplary students for the PhD program in Informatics, with an emphasis on Mechanical Engineering

We are pleased to announce that the Wearable Informatics Lab is seeking applicants for a grant funded research assistantship (RA) position in the School of Informatics, Computing, and Cyber Systems. This position will have a strong Mechanical Engineering / Mechatronic focus. Qualified students should have completed or will complete a degree in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, or a related field by May/June of 2017. Masters students graduating by the end of summer 2017 are also strongly encouraged to apply.

Interested candidates should email Dr. Kyle Winfree ( directly, with an attached CV showing academic and research success, as well as a short (less than one page) statement of research interests. Be sure to detail in your statement of research interests what your long term goals are, and ultimately what field of research is of the most interest to you.