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"An Integrated Research Review of Ethics Articles in Hospitality Journals 1990 to 2000"



Full Text Ethics Articles


Corporate Social Responsibility in the Hospitality Industry

C. Lynn (2009). Hosteur, 18(2), 5-10.


Students' Responses to Ethical Dilemmas

C. Lynn (2007). FIU Hospitality Review, 25(2), 1-9.


Teaching Ethics with an Integrated Online Curriculum
C. Lynn (2010). Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism Education, 9(2), 124-130.



HOSPITALITY ETHICS CURRICULUM: Click here for a complete ethics curriculum you can simply drop into any university hospitality program. Request a desk copy of the text and curriculum (all the keys to the quizzes are in the curric.) from Prentice Hall.




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May 2011



Welcome to Isbell Hospitality Ethics.  I'm Christine Lynn, Ph.D., Professor at the School of Hotel and Restaurant Management at Northern Arizona University and Director of Isbell Hospitality Ethics. 

Our mission is to improve the ethical climate in the hospitality industry by increasing ethical awareness in hospitality students and managers.  We do this through research, curriculum design, and workshops. 


  Each year we share our review and analysis of the year's hospitality ethics articles.with the intent of facilitating coordination of our research efforts.  To the right are links to summaries and analyses. If you find these articles and this web site useful, or if you wish more information please e-mail me.

The research literature overwhelmingly points to the necessity of teaching ethics to hospitality students.  The use of integrated case-studies is recommended as the most effective method. 

Please read the Full Text article to the right, "Teaching Ethics with an Online Curriculum," that describes Ethical Decision Making in the Hospitality Industry , an ethics textbook and Hospitality Ethics Curriculum which are available through Prentice-Hall.


The entire curriculum is also to the right and contains all of the files that can be downloaded and modified so that any hospitality program can have a professionally designed ethics curriculum without adding faculty or a class - and it's free!


As hospitality educators and researchers, we can have a profound effect on our students and the industry as a whole.  It is indeed our responsibility, and this will require a coordinated effort.  Isbell Hospitality Ethics is committed to facilitating this endeavor.