Corewar Hall of Fame

This page is very preliminary. The crash of Stefan's system caused a huge delay and some loss. I tried to recover as much as possible but we still need much more. The purpose of this release is to get everybody hooked which might speed up the creation process. If you think somebody is missing from this page or you can fill some gaps (especially if you are one of the shadows (I can scan paper pictures) ) or you have any idea how to make this page better or you know what is that stuff on Paul's head please contact me at . Please resist the temptation, requests asking for Arnold's email address will be ignored.


We should come up with guidelines on how someone could get on the hall of fame. Please send suggestions to So far we have the following ideas:

  • Planar:
    1. maintainer decides ( I like this but not very democratic :-)
    2. if no objection in the current hall of fame
  • Beppe:
    1. top 20% of a tournament
    2. nominated by 50% of the current hall of fame
    3. tournament organizer with more than 10 players
    4. author of a warrior with age over 1000
  • John K. Lewis:
    1. someone who have played for more than 10 years
  • John K. Lewis & John K. Wilkinson
    1. everyone with first name John and middle initial K.
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    Beppe Bezzi

    Giuseppe 'Beppe' Bezzi lives in Parabiago, near Milano (Italy) working in the family factory of mechanical components. Graduated in electronics engineering with a work on microprocessors in medical instruments.

    I read about CW in the original artcles on S.A. but I play the game from May 95, in practice from when I have net access. Contributes to Cw are co ediding the newsletter Core Warrior and a few successful warriors, including Jack in the box leader of the 94 Hall of fame having been pushed off the hill at the venerable age of 1620 challenges, and Tornado introducing a very used bombing engine.

    Other hobbies are ski, and golf.

    Myer Bremer

    Myer R Bremer was born in 1974 on an army base in Colorado. When very young, his family moved to Indiana where he has lived ever since. Although currently attending Purdue University as an industrial engineering major, Myer does simulation work for THOMSON multimedia as a co-operative education student. He is expected to graduate in the spring of 1997. It took two years of lurking in the newsgroup--which introduced Myer to corewar and was discovered by accident--until he started submitting warriors to the ongoing KotH tournament in the summer of 1994. He quickly dominated the beginners' hill and is now a regular resident on the '94 draft hill. His first truly successful warrior was juliet storm, a bomber/imp that achieved the top ranking for awhile before being pushed off the hill by the introduction of p-space. Myer and fellow player Beppe Bezzi author Core Warrior, a newletter detailing the corewar scene. When not coding in pMARS, Myer enjoys inline skating, snowboarding, and reading science fiction.

    Michael Constant

    Soon to come.

    A. K. Dewdney

    Father of corewar. Author of the Scientific American articles and the Armchair Universe.

    Mark Durham

    Appears in A.K. Dewdney's "The Armchair Universe" (pg. 296, and in the original in Scientific American) as independent co-discoverer of offensive PCT.

    Author of "The MADgic Core" systems for Amiga computers.
    Served on ICWS'86 and ICWS'88 committees.
    Wrote first '94 draft standards.
    Former Editor and Frequent Contributor to TCWN.
    Father of

    Scott Ellentuch

    Scott J. Ellentuch (Or TUC as he prefers to be called) was born 10/10/65 in New York (NOT the city, Rockland County). He has been a citizen of Cyberspace since 1978. By day he's a Computer and Communications Security Consultant. By night he improves the SKI-ICWS Web site and hills. His main contribution to the field of Core Wars has been running the SKI-ICWS hill, putting up the first KOTH Web Site and getting Core Wars listed on Yahoo. His long term goal, even though he's been involved in Core Wars for a few years is to actually LEARN how to play.

    Paul Kline

    Paul's text was also lost.

    Albert Ma

    Author of the superfast Mercury simulator, coauthor of pMARS.

    Robert Macrae

    Born 10 May 1963, Leeds, United Kingdom

    Second in NSFCWC 1995 during which I came up with a very deadly fixed-position warrior, a handshake giving 98-1-1 scorelines, and a 3-line gateless vampire which sometimes kills Imps. Thermite is my only really successful general warrior, a quickscan followed by a small incendiary bomber. I read about C. in the original Scientific American articles, theorised SPL and SPL/JMP bombers to deal with Mouse, but only connected with the newsgroup and PMARS in 1994.

    Married, to Chantal, with a baby son Benjamin born 31 Dec 1995. Somehow, I find I have *less* free time now that NSFCWC is over :)

    Director of Regent Kingpin, an investment company using numerical/ statistical methods to invest in international markets. I manage the company hedge fund, and hope to publish some ground-breaking research in risk control later this year.

    I live in London but look forward to the day when technology makes this unneccessary. Chief other hobbies are Hangliding and Paragliding.

    Steven Morrell

    Enlarged to show texture

    Steven's text was also lost.


    Planar was born in 1968 in Rouen, France, and lives near Paris. He's now a researcher in a Computer Science laboratory (INRIA).

    He started playing Core War in 1990 with a few friends at the university, started lurking in the newsgroup in 1993, and participated in the debugging of the '94 draft and pMARS.

    At the end of 1995, he finally managed to write his first successful warrior. Planar has been contributing to Core Warrior, and has a pretty good Web page with newsletter archives and an extensive warrior collection.

    Bill Shubert

    Author of KotH, an early Unix/X11 corwar programs and the original KotH (King of the Hill) shell scripts that ran the automated email corewar tournament. I became interested in corewar from A.K. Dewdney's articles, then when I found became even more interested. People kept talking about how nice it would be to be able to compete with each other over the internet, but since nobody else stepped forward to write a program to enable this I did.

    Nándor Sieben

    Nándor Sieben was born in 1965 in Hungary. Currently a graduate student in mathematics at Arizona State University. He is the author of the MARS88 simulator, macrored (the first implementation of the FOR/ROF macros), pShell (pMARS shell), coauthor of the pMARS simulator. Nándor invented the optima numbers, the no elimination tournament and the name, white warrior. Most well known warriors of his are the ICWS shared-first place winner RotLD (Return of the Living Dead) and the over a 1000-challenge-old ttti.

    Stefan Strack

    Stefan Strack was born 1965 in Germany, but lives in the US since 1986. He currently works at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN, where he is doing postdoctoral research in Neurobiology. Stefan maintains the FAQ list, coauthored the ICWS'94 draft, wrote the Core War Pro simulator and coauthored the pMARS simulator.

    Mintardjo Wangsaw

    Coauthor of pMARS.


    John K. Wilkinson by Planar, Bjoern Guenzel

    Anders Ivner by Scott Manley, Planar, Beppe Bezzi, Myer Bremer

    Juha Pohjalainen by Ian Oversby

    John K. Lewis by Bjoern Guenzel, objected by John K. Lewis