International Coalition Against Sexual Harassment

At the 1992 Society for the Study of Social Problems (SSSP) Annual Meetings two graduate students organized a day-long consciousness-raising workshop called "SASH-Sociologists Against Sexual Harassment." Shortly after the first SASH workshop, an electronic discussion list called "SASH-L" was established and in 1995 this homepage was created. In 1998 the name was changed from SASH to ICASH. The annual ICASH conference, it's electronic mail distribution list and the ICASH Homepage are made possible by significant contributions of time, energy, and resources by many individuals.

The Electronic Mail Discussion List: ICASH-L

The ICASH-L is an electronic mail discussion list networking about 300 subscribers from 14 countries. Subscribers include attorneys, scholars, social activists, personal counselors, complaint administrators, social scientists, witnesses, and survivors.

ICASH-L communiques typically include requests for information or resources for conducting research, developing policy statements, and for facilitating workshops about sexual harassment. In addition, SASH-L subscribers help each other keep informed about events like the Tailhook Scandal, The Packwood Hearings, the Harris v. Forklift Supreme Court Decision, the jury award to Rena Weeks, and the Paula Jones sexual harassment case against U.S. President Bill Clinton. Victims and complainants use the ICASH-L as a forum to network with each other and to obtain support and guidance in handling their problems. Attorneys find the network useful in researching sexual harassment cases.

List moderator: Susan Fineran

The Annual ICASH Conference

Since the 1992 Workshop, the Society for the Study of Social Problems has continued to co-sponsor ICASH Conferences. For the most part, SASH Conferences are the product of donations made by many members of the SASH community. The ICASH meetings include a range of scholarly presentations, workshops, and round table discussions. Presenters and registrants are researchers from various disciplines, human resource and affirmative action personnel, attorneys, government agency workers, counselors, physicians, as well as sexual harassment victims and complainants.

 2011 Call For Proposals
"New Directions in Sexual Harassment Research, Law and Advocacy"
Proposal Guidelines
Contact: Michele Paludi

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