Clients and Connectivity

The Solar System Simulation is running in TinyMud
version 1.6.3 July 13, 2000 (aka Crane Code, or Dragon Code),
on a FreeBSD4.5, 600mhz PIII with 512meg ram, 40gig disk.
The direct telnet address is 4567
    Admission to the Solar System Simulation is restricted because the Simulation serves as an on-line laboratory for undergraduate courses in the social and communications sciences; registration in such a course at a participating school is requisite for admission.

There's been a revolution in internet browser/MU*client programs.

We recommend that you download/install
the Mozilla browser from
then the MOOzilla client from
to take full advantage of the 'Pueblo-enhanced' www-inteactive features in the simulation.

These programs are cross-platform compatible,
with versions for MS-Win, MAC and Linex.
They are open-sourcecode and self-installing.


  "MOOzilla is a cross-platform MOO client capable of rendering inline HTML directly from a MOO. It is similar to Pueblo, but it is capable of rendering much more HTML, and it is available on any platform which can run the Mozilla web browser. It has these incredible features:

  • Command history
  • Scrollback buffer
  • Text configuration
  • Tab completion
  • Context web search
  • Automatic hyper-linking
  • Command hyper-links
  • Inline HTML rendering
  • HTML entity rendering
  • Independent Single and Multiline Text Edit
  • Unicode UTF-8 input and output (screenshot)"

Jopsy cautions, "Please do -NOT- download the MUDzilla client. Ironically,
it appears to be rather incompatible with the SolSysMUD server."

For more information about this and other clients, see "Getting Started".


Connectivity News:

    The original SolSys environment continues to be accessible to alumni and registered guests at 4567 ( 4567), on a SunOS 5.6 (Solaris 2.6) system.
    In the new Millennium edition we are useing a Pueblo-enhanced server code and a new database on a new server.
Alums, you will need to RENEW your persona in the new SolSys!


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