The Scenario:

The Methods and The Process
(2005 iteration)
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        Each team is responsible to develop its own scenario of events from January 2005 to the simulation's ‘present' [defined arbitrarily as the time/date of ‘the first permanent settlement on Mars'], laying out the origin story and dated history of the significant events leading to the establishment their community.   We expect that this will develop 'naturally' as a product of the decisions each team makes in regards their mission, design and organization, and on-line conversations with members of other teams.

        Each local scenario should be written as a sequence of the primary and dated events that lead to the team's 'present.
Brief, 2-3 sentance, expansions on the events are welcome.

        Each local scenario must be submitted to SolSys Admin no later that 11:59PM, THR 10 MAR 2005.

        All of the several scenarios will be amalgamated by impartial editors.   The editor(s) will interfile all the events from all the scenarios, identify any genuinely impossible events, such as different dates for first occurrence same event, and resolve those on the basis of comparable descriptions of event and simple averaging of the dates.   This will produce the 'Amalgamated Draft Scenario' for the whole Solar System Simulation for the 2005 iteration.

        The ‘Amalgamated Draft Scenario' will be submitted for review to a Jury of professionals, including members of the SolSys Adjunct Faculty and guests at the annual CONTACT Conference, 18-20 MAR'05 at NASA-Ames.   This Jury will receive the ‘Draft Scenario' a week in advance of the Conference, then meet there to read through and ‘tweak' the scenario, interactively with student representatives fom the several teams, providing advisory and ‘corrective feedback' from the Jury's collective point of view.

        The CONTACT'04 "Tweaking" jury, chaired by Gerald Nordley, and consisted of Gerald Perkins, Andy Chaikin, Rick Sternbach and Cathy Wittbrodt. The CONTACT'05 "Tweaking" jury will again be chaired by Gerald Nordley. Karen Anderson will be representing the science fiction community, and other representatives are being selected at this time.

        The‘Tweaked Version of the Scenario' will be posted in the SolSys website as the Official Scenario-05 on 28 MAR 05, and the remainder of the calendar year will be played within the assumptions, constraints and implications of this scenario.

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