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    The goals of this home page are to provide the following:

    1. An overview of my work during my tenure at NAU Geology: Geology of the Colorado Plateau and Global and Regional Paleogeography

    2. An overview of the sedimentary geology on the Colorado Plateau

    3. General information and data on sedimentary rocks of the Colorado Plateau

    4. Views of the ancient Earth: Through various class materials, material from publications, photos, and a summary of the geologic history of Southwestern North America.

    Use of Maps, Photos, and Diagrams

    The paleogeographic maps and other materials on this website are intended solely for personal use. This material may not be sold, posted on the internet, or redistributed or used for any purpose in which there is a charge or fee to use the maps. To use for any other purpose including scholarly publications, displays, kiosks, etc., please visit Colorado Plateau Geosystems' Website, DEEP TIME MAPS

    Information on my book, ANCIENT LANDSCAPES OF THE COLORADO PLATEAU by Ron Blakey and Wayne Ranney. Click here for information about this book: BOOK

  • Sedimentary Rocks on the Colorado Plateau

    The Colorado Plateau is one of the World's great show places for sedimentary rocks. Precambrian and all Phanerozoic periods except Ordovician and Silurian are represented. Especially well exposed are Permian through Jurassic sedimentary rocks that were deposited in mostly tropical desert sedimentary environments. These sedimentary rocks provide the focal point for the greatest concentration of National Parks in the World. The Grand Staircase, the southwestern escarpment of the Colorado Plateau, exposes one of the finest and most complete sedimentary sections anywhere!

    Studies on the Plateau involve numerous NAU Geology faculty and their students. Hundreds of publications and dozens of MS theses have resulted from these studies.

  • For more information visit NAU Geology, SESES


    The navigation of this site is divided into six parts, seen readily at the top and bottom of this page; a brief summary of each part follows:

  • Home -- the present page
  • Global Paleogeography -- With a Link to my newest global series Global Paleogeography and Tectonic in Deep Time
  • Regional Paleogeography -- Links to my regional maps which inclue Europe, North America, Southwestern North America, and the North American Western Interior Seaway
  • Colorado Plateau -- Geology of the Colorado Plateau including strat columns, facies and isopach maps, and other goodies
  • Geology Illustrated -- mostly photos and cross sections -- features nice coastal photos
  • Publications -- My list of publications, how to get some PDF's, and other miscellaneous stuff.

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