Statistical Package Site Licenses

ITS offers individual and departmental copies of JMP and SPSS. If you have any questions (or if you require more than just a few copies) you may call the Solution Center at 928-523-1511 and ask for Statistical Package Support for further information.

Please read the appropriate license agreement.

Installation Instructions.

Installation instructions are included on the install CDs. Please refer to the install CD and review the installation instructions. Also, installation instructions are also available off the main page for statistical support.

What can ITS do for you?

ITS provides these licenses at reduced costs to help researchers on campus. Because of staffing concerns ITS cannot install statistical packages on your personal or departmental machine(s). Labs may be able to utilize lab images which have SPSS, SAS and JMP already installed. ITS personel cannot assist with statistical interpretation. What we can do is help with errors resulting from problems with the statistical program in question. There will be times when you will be required to talk to either SPSS or SAS yourself to resolve some issues.