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Last update: Mar 15, 1999

SOLVED!!! -- it's "Daybreak in Dixie". Thanks to all who replied!

Name this tune! Please help me identify the name (and author?) of this tune, performed by the Nash Ramblers back on July 11, 1993. Here it is in "au" format: mystery file in au format or in RealAudio form mystery file in RealAudio format. If you can identify this tune, please email me: click here to email me the information!


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Here are some of my favorite music-related links; for the list, click here.

My interest in music is very diverse, ranging from classical to jazz to rock to folk to bluegrass. Among others, I'm is a big fan of Jethro Tull, but also enjoy many other rock and folk groups, as well as transitional groups (such as Steeleye Span), and some country music. I'll expound in more detail on these at some point...


[Sam the Man] Currently, I've been primarily involved in playing and performing bluegrass music. Until recently, I played in the band "Out on Bail," featuring Ken (guitar, vocals), Curt (banjo, vocals), and myself (mandolin, guitar, vocals). Here's the band (below, in the gazebo), with us from left-to-right: Tobias, Ken, and Curt. Our banjo player graduated and moved on, so we're currently in a suspended state. Click here for a similar (smirk, smirk) jpeg image of the same picture. The original photo was taken in Oct. '94 at the Prescott Folk Music Festival in Prescott, AZ.

The fellow on the right is, of cousrse, Sam Bush, who's continued to be a profound bluegrass influence on me for a long time now. Here is a partial discography on Sam Bush and here is probably a more up-to-date list. See also Wendell Norman's Sam links pages.

New! Telluride '98 Bluegrass Festival photos... just a start (more to come) here.

Note: This is now an interactive, clickable map!

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Here is a small collection of pieces of music, performed by myself and others; there will be more in the near future (I *finally* got the audio stuff fixed on my workstation!!). You will need to be able to deal with Sun audio format (.au files).

Sorry about the general audio quality.

Here is a snippet of Red Haired Boy [184 kb, runtime 0:24], performed on the mandolin by TJK.

And here is Soldier's Joy [284 kb, runtime 0:36], another mandolin piece.

Here is a mando duet of Soldier's Joy [784kb, runtime 1:38], featuring my colleague and fellow picker at work, Randy Wood, and myself.

And here is Sittin' on Top of the World[1.2 Mb, runtime=2:40], in a recent practice session of our group, Out on Bail. The sound quality is not great, again... The Summit is at work, here!

Here is a short piece of Cripple Creek[136 kb, runtime=0:17], on the Summit.

National OJC
National Watson-Allman, part A

And here are some photos of the Summit F100-S (in jpg format):

Here are some pics of the new Summit F200S.

Here is a link, devoted to the memory of Courtney Johnson, the original banjo player for New Grass Revival.

Even though some good friends play them, I couldn't resist... [Oh, no... an accordion!]