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Program Description:
As MARC U* STAR trainees at the Northern Arizona University, undergraduate students in biology,
    chemistry, physical theraphy, electrical engineering, and exercise sciences combine classroom
    study with a traineeship that enables them to participate in the cutting edge research of senior
    research scientists. The research experience students acquire at NAUís own science laboratories
    during the academic year is supplemented by summer research experience at NAU, another
    institution in Arizona or a research-intensive institution elsewhere in the nation. MARC U*STAR
    trainees present their research both at NAU and at national conferences. NAUís MARC U*STAR
    students will graduate fully prepared to compete successfully for entry into graduate programs
    leading to research doctorates in the biomedical sciences.

Underepresented minority students (African Americans, Hispanics, American Indians, Alaskan
    Natives, Asians, and Pacific Islanders) enter this two-year program as juniors. The program
    consists of:
                      - Enhanced Curriculum
                      - On-Campus Research
                      - Summer Research Internship
                      - Summer Workshops
                      - Presentations at MSD/MARC Annual Symposium
                      - Presentations at Regional or National Scientific Meetings
                      - Special Science Classes
                      - Graduate School Preparation

* Scholarships for Research during the Junior and Senior Academic Year include a stipend, tuition,
    fees and insurance.

 * The program provides  tuition, an annual stipend, and an annual allowance for  research supplies,
    and travel allowance for trainees to attend and present their research at scientific meetings.

* Although the MARC U* STAR Program is an honors program for  outstanding students, do not
    hesitate to apply if you believe you are qualified.

     To request an application form, contact Mrs. Celeste Biles at: Celeste.Biles@nau.edu