[Northern Arizona University]
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MARC-U*STAR Scholar Selection Criteria:

The MARC-U*STAR Program Advisory Committee will evaluate the application of each
    candidate and the three letters of recommendation.

Students must be enrolled in undergraduate majors at NAU in disciplines useful in the biomedical
    sciences (biology, chemistry, exercise sciences, electrical engineering, or related fields). In
    addition, students must have:

Demonstrated high academic ability in course work. An A-B average and strong
    letters of  recommendation from college or university science faculty are regarded as
    indicating a student of high ability. A 3.00 or higher grade point average is required.
    However, students can be admitted into the program near the 3.00 boundary if they
    demonstrate (generally through strong letters of recommendation and the personal
    statement) exceptional promise for success in academics and research. However, it is
    expected that MARC Student Fellows will experience an enhancement in their
    academic achievements through participation in MARC-U*STAR.
Completed all freshman and sophomore requirements in their major, and have a
    maximum of two years to graduation.
Shown an interest in a career in the biomedical sciences and a desire to do
    independent research.
Demonstrated a determination to enter graduate programs leading to the Ph.D. or
    MD/Ph.D. in biomedical sciences following completion of the bachelors degree.
Either U.S. citizenship or legal permanent residency.


Students considered to be qualified for the program will be interviewed by the MARC-U*STAR
    Advisory Committee. The Committee will make the final determination on student admission to
    the program, and communicate their decision to the applicant.