Model of Course Delivery and Faculty Workload

Understanding the effect of delivery format on faculty workload depends on determining the time required for instruction as class enrollment varies.

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Assumptions of the model:

  1. The web class has grading support so instructor time is 15 min per student. There is also a "maintenance" time of 1 teaching credit a semester to check links and revise the web pages. In other words, the technology makes the student's 3-credit web class a 4-credit class for the instructor.
  2. The essay class has 4 essay exams per semester. Each takes 20 minutes to write, but grading takes one-half hour for each student for each test.
  3. The multiple choice class has 4 exams, each of which takes 8 hours to write. However, it requires only 1 minute per student to grade each test using machine-graded answer forms.
  1. A 3-credit web class takes 8 hours per week, so the maximum enrollment in the web class, with grading support, should be 32 students for a 40-hour work week. Since a 3-credit web class takes 4 credits to run, the professor spends 10.7 hours per week on the class.
  2. The maximum enrollment in the 3-credit lecture class should be 20 students for a 40-hour work week or 45 students for a 56-hour work week.

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Numerical Basis of the Model

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