Assessment of BIO 226/372
Spring 1999

At the end of the semester, 65 students (23 in BIO 226 and 42 in BIO 372) returned a questionnaire on their perceptions of these classes. These data are valuable in the assessment of the web classes.

Caveat: Inconsistencies among student answers from question to question make it imperative to view some claims with skepticism and to seek correlative data for a comprehensive assessment.

Result: The information in these charts clearly indicates that teaching on the web can provide an effective educational format while maintaining credible educational standards.

Analysis summaries:

  1. Reason for taking the web section.
  2. Time taken in the web class, relative to a lecture class.
  3. Hours worked per week.
  4. Value of the assignments.
  5. Effectiveness of the web course compared to a lecture course.
  6. Significant Educational Benefits.
  7. Grade Distributions.
  8. Comments from Individual Students.
  9. Costs of a Web Course.
  10. Model of Course Delivery and Faculty Workload.
  11. Numerical Basis of the Model.

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