Dr. Ron Blakey, Professor Emeritus NAU Geology

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  • Colorado Plateau Geosystems' new Website, DEEP TIME MAPS

    Current Projects

    Since retiring from NAU Geology in 2009, most of my efforts have been towards creating paleogeographic maps. Most of these maps are within five series 1: global, 2: North America, 3: Europe, 4: Southwest North America, and 5: Western Interior Seaway (Jurassic and Cretaceous). These maps are continuously updated and new maps are added to each series. I have continued to publish scholarly works and a list of my publications can be accessed on this web page. For more information about these paleogeographic maps please visit my web page

    Colorado Plateau Geosystems' Website, DEEP TIME MAPS

    I have published three book over thr last ten years. For information on my book, ANCIENT LANDSCAPES OF THE COLORADO PLATEAU (2008) by Ron Blakey and Wayne Ranney, click here for information about this book: BOOK

  • Ancient Landscapes of Western North America (2018), also co-authored with Wayne Ranney, is available through Amazon:


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