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Dr. Jon Reyhner 

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  • Dr.Jon Reyhner

    Dr. Jon Allan Reyhner, Professor
    Department of Educational Specialties
    College of Education
    P.O. Box 5774, Northern Arizona University
    Flagstaff, Arizona 86011-5774
    Phone 928 523 0580; FAX 928 523 1929

    Dr. Reyhner has written over 75 articles and book chapters and given over 100 workshops, presentations, and speeches at regional, national, and international conferences. He is author of Education and Language Restoration (Chelsea House, 2006) written for high school and college students and co-author of American Indian Education: A History, 2nded. (University of Oklahoma Press, 2017) and Language and Literacy Teaching for Indigenous Education: A Bilingual Approach (Multilingual Matters, 2002). His edited books include Honoring Our Students (2020), Honoring Our Teachers (2017), Teaching Indigenous Students: Honoring Place, Community, and Culture (2015), Honoring Our Elders: Culturally Appropriate Approaches for Teaching Indigenous Students (2015), Honoring Our Children: Culturally Appropriate Approaches for Teaching Indigenous Students (2013), Honoring Our Heritage: Culturally Appropriate Approaches for Teaching Indigenous Students (2011), Indigenous Language Revitalization: Encouragement, Guidance & Lessons Learned (2009), Nurturing Native Languages (2003), Indigenous Languages Across the Community (2002), Learn in Beauty: Indigenous Education for a New Century (2000), Revitalizing Indigenous Languages (1999), Teaching Indigenous Languages (1997), Teaching American Indian Students (1992), and Effective Language Education Practices (1990). He taught junior high school for four years in the Navajo Nation and was a school administrator for ten years in Indian schools in Arizona, Montana, and New Mexico. In 1986 he left school administration to become an assistant professor and coordinator of the Indian Bilingual Teacher Training Program at what is now Montana State University--Billings. In 1995 he came to Northern Arizona University where he is currently a professor teaching bilingual multicultural education courses. He has developed web sites on:

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