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Gary Vallen is Full Professor in Hotel and Restaurant Management at Northern Arizona University. He became one of the founding faculty members when the program was initiated in 1988, joining the team after more than sixteen years of industry management. In industry, Vallen has worked a variety of positions, including; vice-president and assistant general manager of a hotel casino operation in Reno, Nevada; sales manager, financial analyst, and dealer of various casino games. And, along with other positions not listed here, he has been a field representative for a ski magazine, and associate manager for a series of private clubs.

Dr. Vallen received his undergraduate degree in Hotel Administration at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Despite the long hours of industry, he simultaneously worked and earned an MBA degree at the University of Nevada, Reno. Later, after entering the field of education, he was awarded the Ed.D. Degree in Educational Leadership with an emphasis in Hospitality Management from Northern Arizona University.

Along with a successful career in education, marked by over 35 refereed articles and numerous national and international presentations, Dr. Vallen also operates a successful consulting business.

Dr. Vallen is co-author of the best-selling hospitality industry textbook Check-In Check-Out. He is also an editor of another text entitled A Host of Opportunities; An Introduction to Hospitality Management, Richard Irwin, Publishers. He has written chapters in several other texts including; Hospitality in Review; A Capstone Course, Tourism and Gaming on American Indian Lands, and of course, A Host of Opportunities; An Introduction to Hospitality Management.