• Eight Mile Lake, AK; C. Schädel
  • Eight Mile Lake, AK; C. Schädel
  • Alaska Range; credit: C. Schädel
  • Automated Flux Chambers
  • Eriophorum Vaginatum
  • foggy mountains in Healy
  • Winter setting in Healy, AK
  • Winter snow fences
  • Dall Sheep, Denali National Park
  • Fall at CiPEHR
  • Spring at CiPEHR
  • Fall at the Gradient site; credit: E. Webb
  • Snowfences at CiPEHR; credit: S. Natali
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Permafrost Carbon Network

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Christina SchÄdel

Christina Schädel

Contact Information:

Assistant Research Professor

Center for Ecosystem Sciences and Society

Department of Biological Sciences

Northern Arizona University

Flagstaff, AZ 86011



Phone: +1 928 523 9588

Research Interests

I am a biogeochemist and plant ecophysiologist with expertise in climate change, ranging from arctic warming impacts on permafrost carbon to plant responses to elevated carbon dioxide. Mz work has included empirical, modeling, and synthesis approaches. Currently, as a Assistant Research Professor at Northern Arizona University, I conduct synthesis research on the vulnerability of permafrost carbon to climate change. My research interests focus on the global carbon cycle, permafrost carbon, climate change, terrestrial ecosystems, soil carbon dynamics, soil incubation studies, and ecological modeling.

I am the lead coordinator of the Permafrost Carbon Network, a data synthesis-based research program and is part of the leadership team of the Permafrost Action Team, a core action team of SEARCH.

I also co-lead the Permafrost Collaboration Team of the Interagency Arctic Research Policy (IARPC).

Read about her research in the news: Science Magazine 2012, University of Florida News 2013, The Daily Californian 2015, NAU News 2016, Climate Central 2016, NAU News 2016, Süddeutsche Zeitung 2016, 2016, NAU news 2018  
Watch a Frostbyte about her research with permafrost carbon  
What the latest science says about thawing permafrost. Christina wrote a guest post for The Carbon Brief  
Victor Leshyk illustrated Christina's results of her recent paper published in Nature Climate Change.



  Schädel C, McGuire AD, Schuur EAG (2015) Permafrost Carbon Network: 5-Year Synthesis Report. Click here to download


Besides doing research, Christina enjoys doing science coordination and outreach, with the goal of raising public awareness of climate change. She has have a profile on Climate Voices – Science Speakers Network.

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