• Eight Mile Lake, AK; C. Schädel
  • Eight Mile Lake, AK; C. Schädel
  • Alaska Range; credit: C. Schädel
  • Automated Flux Chambers
  • Eriophorum Vaginatum
  • foggy mountains in Healy
  • Winter setting in Healy, AK
  • Winter snow fences
  • Dall Sheep, Denali National Park
  • Fall at CiPEHR
  • Spring at CiPEHR
  • Fall at the Gradient site; credit: E. Webb
  • Snowfences at CiPEHR; credit: S. Natali
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Some photos from our field site


  • CiPEHR in fall (credit: S. Natali)
  • Anaktuvuk fire control site (credit: A. Baron)
  • Winter flux plots (credit: E. Webb)
  • CiPEHR from above (credit: S. Natali)
  • Denali from Gradient site (credit: C. Schädel)
  • Dogsledding in Healy (credit: E. Webb)
  • Flux Chambers at CiPEHR (credit: C. Schädel)
  • Heading to the field, Healy (credit: E. Webb)
  • John Wood shoveling at CiPEHR (credit: E. Webb)
  • Autumn Gradient Site (credit: C. Hicks)
  • Moose in Healy (credit: E. Webb)
  • Point framing (credit: S. Natali)
  • Snow fence frames (credit: C. Schädel)
  • Snow Shoveling (credit: E. Webb)
  • Soil Sampling (credit: C. Schädel)
  • Solar panels (credit: C. Schädel)
  • Wildlife Viewing, Denali NP (credit: C. Schädel)
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Time lapse videos from the Carbon in Permafrost Experimental Heating Research site near Eight Mile Lake in Healy, AK.

Click on the play icon to get the movie started


September - October 2015


May - June 2015

July - August 2015

January - February 2015

March - April 2015

August - October 2014

November - December 2014

The camera was set to take 6 photos per day; at the end of the summer we missed constant daylight so much that we edited nights out of this video.

*** The date on the camera got reset so it displays September even when it should be October ***