• Eight Mile Lake, AK; C. Schädel
  • Eight Mile Lake, AK; C. Schädel
  • Alaska Range; credit: C. Schädel
  • Automated Flux Chambers
  • Eriophorum Vaginatum
  • foggy mountains in Healy
  • Winter setting in Healy, AK
  • Winter snow fences
  • Dall Sheep, Denali National Park
  • Fall at CiPEHR
  • Spring at CiPEHR
  • Fall at the Gradient site; credit: E. Webb
  • Snowfences at CiPEHR; credit: S. Natali
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The following courses are taught by Ted Schuur at Northern Arizona University.

ECOSS Seminar

Weekly seminar as part of Ecoss activities.

Contact Ted Schuur for more details.

eddy winter

E. Webb winter sampling


Principles of Ecosystem Ecology taught during the spring term at Northern Arizona University.

Prerequisite: Biology, chemistry, ecology. Text: Principles of Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology, Chapin, Matson, and Mooney

This class emphasizes the basic controls over ecosystem structure and function in relation to environmental issues.

chamber rotation

V. Salmon and E. Webb rotating chambers


Use of Radiocarbon in Ecology and Earth System Science. Taught during the summer term at either the University of California, Irvine in collaboration with researchers at the UCI Keck Carbon Cycle AMS Facilityor or at the Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry in Jena, Germany.

This intensive course is 1 week long, with lectures in the mornings and laboratory work in the afternoons.

radiocarbon facility at UF

G. Crummer in the radiocarbon lab at UF