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Science labs, activities and simulations you can build into your online course.
Showcase: With CoronaVirus (COVID-19) on the rise, maybe it's time take your labs online? Be sure to try out the Transmissible Disease Simulation and related resources below.

The rest of the educational world has recently discovered "constructivism" and "hands-on" or "experiential" learning. In the sciences, we've been teaching that way for hundreds of years. We call these classes "labs." Simulations can be informative, and can be especially useful as pre-lab activities, but hands-on learning is more engaging, and more realistic. The great thing about labs is that they help you to understand that, while the theories are neat and tidy, the real world is often more messy and less predictable. The labs and activities you'll find below can be done in the traditional classroom, or as part of an online class that is completed offline, at home, safely, and at very low cost. Intended grade level varies from high school to lower division college. Many of these materials have come to me for free and I'm in no position to profit from them. I have tried to improve some of them, and I encourage you to do the same. I'd love to hear if you're using the materials, and if you have recommendations or requests for new content. I maintain this page because we're a community of science educators, and I think the best stuff we create should be available to all for free. Thanks for visiting! Please share! Report broken links to me at Please note: I don't accept advertisements, and I only rarely link to commercial products.

Intro and Scientific Method

Critical Thinking

Scientific Method

Chemistry and Biochemistry
Developmental and Cell Biology
Genetics and Molecular Biology

Evolution and Population Biology

Ecology and Conservation Biology

Classification and Biodiversity

Anatomy and Physiology

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